antioxidant kiwifruit seed oil

KIRI® New Zealand Kiwifruit skincare has been created using the highest quality ingredients available and has been developed to help balance the skin’s nutritional deficiencies and reinforce the skin’s natural defense’s against the visible signs of ageing

Made in New Zealand from New Zealand grown green kiwifruit and Kiwifruit Seed Oil, this skincare has a high concentration of Vitamins E and Vitamin C, creating a product that is rich in antioxidants, which have been shown to help protect your skin from the harsh effects of the environment, and can help the skin remain youthful in appearance.

Rosehip Oil works to prevent the signs of premature ageing, and restores the skin’s moisture balance. By combining this natural anti-ageing product with our New Zealand grown Kiwifruit your skin will become nourished and will leave you with a naturally healthy, glowing complexion.

why kiwifruit seed oil?

Kiwifruit Seed Oil contains more than 60% Alpha Linolenic Acid or more commonly known as OMEGA –3, an important essential fatty acid (EFA), making this oil an excellent ingredient for skin and hair products, helping to maintain moisture in the skin, thus preventing drying and scaling of the skin.
EFA’s can aid in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. 
The Kiwifruit Seed Oil used in our KIRI® skincare products contains 63% Linolenic Acid, which research has shown to be effective in skin cell renewal, resulting in younger looking skin.

why rosehip oil?

With the exception of our cleansing bar*, each one of the KIRI® Kiwifruit skincare products in our range has been formulated with a significant quantity of Rosehip Oil.

Rosehip Oil is natural oil that provides many beneficial effects on the skin.
Rosehip oil contains an amazing 70-80% of EFA’s as mentioned above and this oil has been shown to reduce the signs of premature ageing.
This amazing oil is easily absorbed and works quickly to assist skin growth and repair, while helping to restore normal skin elasticity and resilience.

*Cleansing Bar contains no rosehip oil as due to production processes it would give the bar a cloudy dirty appearance.

what is an antioxidant?

Every day our skin cells are bombarded by external forces, damage from the sun, pollution, wind and temperature changes.

This results in a build up of free radicals which work daily at breaking down the skin’s cells by a chemical process called oxidation causing them to collapse and loose moisture and, in turn, elasticity.

Antioxidants are chemicals that protect these cells by neutralizing these external forces. By scavenging free radicals and promoting cell renewal, the antioxidants in this KIRI® Kiwifruit skincare work to assist the process of skin regeneration, boosting skin suppleness, resulting in a naturally healthy glowing complexion.

Common antioxidants are Vitamins A, E & C.
KIRI® New Zealand Kiwifruit skincare products contain very high amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.